Moving to Hugo

Simplifying my blogging experience


1 minute read

Over the years I’ve tried a few different methods for blogging and there has always been a recurring theme; I set the blog up and then proceed to post nothing. This is mostly a habitual issue and I probably just need to get it into my schedule, but I also feel like switching technology might incite some interest because it’s shiny and new.

I was previously using Pelican which was my first switch towards static site generation and hosting on S3. I really love the architecture of this design and it’s cheap and easy. For this iteration I’ve chosen to go with Hugo based on some positive reviews from friends who have been using it for various sites and blogs. The plan is to make the site exclusively SSL because why not, and for this I’ll be hoping to make use of Let’s Encrypt which I have not yet had hands on experience with.

If everything goes well I’ll post up a more detailed “How did I do it?” post in the coming weeks.

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